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Introduction of Type 6% (AFFF, -5°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent
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Introduction of Type 6% (AFFF, -5°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent
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  The aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent produced by the company is made from hydrocarbon surfactant, high-quality fluorocarbon surfactant, foaming agent, stabilizer and antifreeze agent. It is a high-efficiency and environment-friendly foam extinguishing agent. Its fire extinguishing mechanism: When the extinguishing foam is sprayed over the fuel, the foam will quickly diffuse on the oil surface and a layer water film suppressing oil evaporation will be produced from the liquid separated on the oil surface. Under the effects of both foam and water film, the combustion area is rapidly cooled down, oxygen is cut off and oil surface is sealed so as to achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing, burn resistance and afterburning prevention.

  Ⅰ. Features of the product:

high efficiency, fast fire extinguishing, burn resistance, closed, and good afterburning prevention performance. When mixed with water as per the ratio of 6:94, it can foam within various kinds of low-expansion foam extinguishers to help extinguish the fire (involving gas, crude oil, diesel and kerosene), and can suppress fire together with the dry powder extinguishing agent, and extinguish fire of large oil and coal storage tanks by the mode of shooting agent beneath the burning liquid. The product is widely applicable to oil field, oil depot, oil tank, oil refinery, airport, petrochemical enterprise, warehouse of chemical industry, large steel mill and other places. It is also applicable to suppressing class-A fires (involving wood, paper, cloth, rubber and other materials).

  Ⅱ. Instruction and Technical Parameters of Type 6% (AFFF, -5°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent:

      1. Mixing ratio: type 6%:water = 6:94.

      2. Freezing point: -5°C. The minimum working temperature shall be 5°C more than the freezing point.

      3. Executive standard: GB15308-2006.

  Ⅲ.Requirements and Precautions of Marking, Packing, Transportation, Storage:

      1.  Product manufacturer: Sichuan Twitter Fire Technology Co., Ltd.

    2.  Product packing specification: 200kg plastic cask.

      3. The product shall not be mixed with any chemicals or other types of extinguishing agents during transportation and storage.

      4. The product shall be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse and avoid the sun. The best storage temperature is 0°C~45°C.

      5.During transportation, the product shall be kept off from the rain, dampness, packing cask damage, and any other issues that can cause

damage to the product.

      6.The storage life of the product in the original package is eight years.