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Introduction of Type 6% (s, -6°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent
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Introduction of Type 6% (s, -6°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent
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The synthetic foam extinguishing agent is the company's new generation of high-efficiency environment-friendly green extinguishing agent made from hydrocarbon surfactant, special surfactant, foaming agent, stabilizer and antifreeze agent, with edible high-molecular compound as the protective colloid. During storage and use, it remains odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive and does not produce precipitation or residue, thus is stable in storage and easy to dispose, making it an ideal extinguishing agent.


     I. Features of the product:

  The product has low surface tension and interfacial tension, and good foam stability, flowability, burn resistance and sealing ability. It can produce pure white, non-toxic, odorless and tasteless foam that can extinguish fire rapidly and effectively prevent afterburning, and can be applied to various kinds of foam producing equipment. Its fire extinguishing mechanism: When the foam is sprayed over the fire area, it cools down the area, attenuates the oxygen content and seals the combustible material surface to cut off the air so as to extinguish fire.

  The product is mainly used in fighting fires involving general solid substance and general nonpolar (oil) flammable fluid, thus is widely applied to places such as oil field, oil depot, oil refinery, petrochemical plant, large steel mill, ship and airport.

  II. Instruction and Technical Parameters of Type 6% (S, -6°C) Foam Extinguishing Agent:

      1.Mixing ratio: type 6%:water = 6:94.

      2.Freezing point: ordinary ≤-6°C, cold-resistant ≤-10°C~-20°C, minimum operation temperature of ordinary ≤-1°C.

      3.Executive standard: GB15308-2006.   

  Ⅲ.Requirements and Precautions of Marking, Packing, Transportation, Storage:

      1.Product manufacturer: Sichuan Twitter Fire Technology Co., Ltd.

      2.Product packing specification: 200kg or 25kg plastic cask.

      3.The product shall not be mixed with any chemicals or other types of extinguishing agents during transportation and storage.

      4.The product shall be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse and avoid the sun. The best storage temperature is -1°C~45°C.

    5.During transportation, the product shall be kept off from the rain, dampness, packing cask damage, and any other issues that can causedamage

to the product.

      6.The storage life of the product in the original package is three years.