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Class a foam extinguishing agent (MJABP)
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Class a foam extinguishing agent (MJABP)
product details

    The class A foam extinguishing agent produced by the company is foam extinguishing agent for fighting fires of A and B classes involving fuel. It is a new type of highe-fficiency super concentrated liquid and is applicable to compressed air system and sprinkler system foam extinguishing agent.

 The product has the following features: high efficiency, fast fire extinguishing, heat insulation, radiation proof, good sealing ability, and good afterburning prevention, can greatly lower the water spot loss at the fire scene, and largely increase the water utilization efficiency.When used by foam fire trucks of class-A and class-B foam, it can be mixed in the mixing ratio of 0.1%-1% to produce rich, fine and strongly adhesive foam and enable the foam concentrate to permeate into the deep interior of combustible materials to cut off the combustion chain and terminate combustion while the flame retardant contained in the foam can prevent afterburning by attaching to the combustible material.

 The product is applicable to class-A fires (involving wood, paper, cloth, rubber and other materials).

  Class-B fires (involving flammable nonpolar liquids such as diesel, gasoline, etc.).

 The period of validity of the product is three years if stored in the original package. The product's best storage temperature is -5°C~45°C.